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Med Learning Group’s educational programmes in combination with Igloo's VR Rooms have led to:


98% of participants indicated the VR content enhanced the learning experience


More than 9 out of 10 participants agreed that they would recommend the programme to their colleagues

The product

Each cylinder is equipped with 3D projectors. At shows, delegates are handed a pair of active-shutter 3D glasses, so that they can almost reach out and touch the content they’re viewing.

So that Med Learning Group can get the most out of the technology, we provided training on the setup, running, and derigging of the cylinders, enabling Med Learning Group to deploy them wherever it chooses.

And with the ability to brand the cylinders with new covers for any and every event, the Igloo cylinders make for an eye-catching showpiece that attendees can’t help but be drawn to.

The result

Med Learning Group’s educational programmes have seen considerable success, with its VR Rooms noted as adding to the learning experience. Highlights include:

  • 93% of learners identified a commitment to a practise change based on the education
  • A 31% gain in knowledge - with 81% answering knowledge-based questions correctly after the activity compared to 62% beforehand
  • More than 9 out of 10 participants agreed that they would recommend the programme to their colleagues
  • 98% of participants indicated the VR content enhanced the learning experience
  • 90% of participants indicated the VR content would improve recall of lessons learned

And this is all just a snapshot - for a full deep dive, check out our detailed case study on Med Learning Group’s work, or take a look at the great videos Med Learning Group has put together on its testimonials page.

Download the Med Learning Group case study

Attendee testimonials

“It really brings everything to life, it’s not just something you see on a page. You can get inside what you’re learning about and it makes things stick better in your mind when you can physically see the content.”

“This VR experience was a great way to learn about the differences between the types of insulin.”

“The experience puts you in the disease, and you feel like you’re exploring it in a very understandable way - it’s very impressive.”