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Share the benefits of immersive technology - with the whole class

Across the world, universities, colleges and academies are deploying Igloo Shared VR in several ways and for several applications. Clients are finding that an Igloo is a more affordable and elegant solution, that is flexible, content-agnostic, easy-to-use, and easy-to-adapt.

An Igloo immersive environment has a huge range of benefits for all sorts of departments. For example, you can use an Igloo for:

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Taking virtual field trips
Take trips through time and space, without leaving the classroom.

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Simulation research
Measure reaction times and understand decision-making processes.

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Making VR accessible and inclusive
Get staff and students familiar with VR through an easy-to-use 360° platform.

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Design visualisations
View and adapt 3D or BIM designs and models in an immersive group setting.

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Simulating hazardous environments
Rehearse emergency procedures in lab or factory environments, so students learn to effectively assess risk.

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Enhancing game development
A collaborative way to create and review VR gameplay.

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Showcasing student content
From 360° film to game design in Unity and Unreal, critically assess and present without headsets.

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Open day and campus engagement
Promote your facilities to potential students by taking the campus to them.

Going beyond the VR headset

Many educators have incorporated virtual, augmented, or mixed reality into their teaching and research.

And that's no surprise - they've been shown to improve retention. They can give students a way to safely practise dangerous (and expensive) scenarios, without risking the disastrous consequences that would ensue in the real world. And they can transport students to locations they could only dream of otherwise.

With an Igloo immersive space, you get all those benefits - and the whole class gets to experience them.

Use an Igloo in a specific department or across the whole campus

While some universities install Igloo shared immersive spaces in specific faculties, others make them centrepieces of their libraries and tech hubs, so they can be used by any department. Our immersive spaces are also an attention-grabber for visitors, and a selling-point for potential candidates.

The Igloo software allows you to work with an incredibly wide variety of content, from 360° videos and images, to web-based content, to interactive VR games built with tools like Unity and Unreal, to all sorts of industry-standard tools. So, whichever department you're in, you'll find uses for Igloo.

Don't take our word for it

What do our clients think?

“The ability to take students out of their traditional classroom and immerse them almost immediately into a variety of realistic yet perfectly safe real-world environments is a complete leap in the way teaching can be delivered for the college. More interaction and greater understanding from students are clear improvements from utilising this enhanced AV environment.”

"The technology inspires innovation and gives students the potential to work in bleeding edge fields - that’s really quite precious for our potential graduates. The students are getting a very real experience of developing content on a very new platform and they’re all very excited and enthused by that.”

"I have been using the Immersion Room for teaching and have found it to be an excellent way of teaching. What I especially love is that we can change scenes quite rapidly, which we can't do ordinarily. So this has been a way to condense a lot of the learning content. Students are loving it, we're loving it!"

Robert Griffiths
Consultant, Education Partnership North East

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Dr Kate MacFarlane
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Sunderland

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Kerrie Stockley
Lecturer, The University of Adelaide

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Take a look at some case studies

Sunderland College with floor projection

The University of Adelaide using Igloo for simulation

Sunderland College

Sunderland College's cylinder is equipped with floor-projection and is in T Level classes.

The University of Adelaide

The University's Igloo-powered Immersion Room is used by its Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Take a look at more case studies or speak to us about how to use Igloo for your meetings.