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Mid Sweden University can simulate and research situations that are too dangerous or costly to investigate in real life.

And the University can deliver training to whole groups of people at a time in a far more cost-effective manner.

The product

Igloo was asked to help build the new Risk and Crisis Lab, a 40 square-metre facility, combining a wide range of simulation systems, such as surround sound, vibration, scents, and temperature. As well as simulating crisis situations, researchers can judge people’s reaction to them through, for example, eye tracking, sound recording, and physiological monitoring.

Using the Igloo Media Player and a rig of eight high-spec projectors, Igloo created the Shared VR facilities. Our system also integrates with several of the other technologies used by the University to create simulations for studying.

The result

In November 2019, the University collaborated with the Fire and Rescue Service of Jämtland County. They used the RCR Lab to create a simulated scenario in which rescue service personnel had to perform emergency procedures, including CPR, during the hectic aftermath of a violent attack in a public space.

The Igloo system played an integral part in this. A shopping centre full of customers was constructed in a virtual reality software program and streamed in real-time to the RCR Lab simulation room, enabling an artificial yet highly immersive 360° environment.

The custom-made surround sound, stage lighting, floor vibration and smoke added to the authenticity of the simulation. And to round it all off, the simulation incorporated furnishings and extras acting as distressed customers.

You can read more about the installation and how it came to be in this excellent piece by AV Magazine.


"Igloo was instantly on board. The Igloo team saw this as an exciting challenge rather than something impossible, and that was very inspiring."

Jörgen Sparf
Associate Professor of Sociology, Mid Sweden University

"We’re very pleased with the system, and one thing that has been particularly great is the updates to Igloo Warper - being able to layer video meant we could have one layer showing the insides of an apartment featuring several windows, and then a dynamic layer underneath showing different views from those windows, such as daylight, dusk, different weather conditions."

Kari Pihl
Manager at the RCR Simulation Lab, Mid Sweden University