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Client:  Mid-Sweden University

Product:  Custom installation

Location:  Östersund

Assignment:  RCR Lab

Date:  2018

Mid-Sweden University is a state university which, as its name suggests, is located in the geographic centre of Sweden.

One of its best-regarded departments is the Risk and Crisis Research Centre, which aims to get a deep understanding of how people react to crises. And, as well as bringing together academics from several disciplines, it has partnerships with several of Sweden’s largest companies.

Igloo was asked to help build the new Risk and Crisis Lab, a 40 square-metre facility, combining a wide range of simulation systems, such as surround sound, vibration, scents, and temperature. As well as simulating crisis situations, researchers can judge people’s reaction to them through, for example, eye tracking, sound recording, and physiological monitoring.

Using the Igloo Media Player and a rig of 8 high-spec projectors, Igloo created the Shared VR facilities. Our system also integrates with several of the other technologies.

The University’s website tells more of the story.  If your Swedish is up to it, here’s a useful video talking more about the RCR Lab’s applications.  And, when it was first launched, it generated a slew of media coverage.