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Elephant Park, London, UK




6-metre cylinder

Lendlease : VRoom

Lendlease, the leading international property and infrastructure group, is working in partnership with Southwark Council to deliver a GBP£2 billion regeneration programme on 28 acres of land in the centre of London's Elephant & Castle.

The company has installed VRoom - using one of our 6-metre Shared VR cylinders - at its new Elephant Park site to use across all departments, including project, sales, safety and design.

Lendlease is showing how Shared VR can bring big business benefits to the worlds of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).

As the video shows, it is already helping to speed up processes, save money and make sure the site is a safe place to work.

For even more detail on the huge range of ways Lendlease is putting VRoom to work, check out this article from SHP Online. As well as modelling the Elephant Park development, Lendlease has used VRoom to engage with the local community. For example, school children can be introduced to the realities and dangers of a construction site, without actually having to go onto the site itself.

“Previously we took a number of weeks working with the planners to help them understand how the buildings related to each other and related to the context, and it took about 6-8 weeks to agree the height of those buildings. Using this kind of technology we can agree that in five minutes.”

Tom Branton
Senior Development Manager, Lendlease

“VRoom enables us, as a team, to look at a situation and detract the safety issue and then find solutions to fix it. Graduates and trainees, who have limited experience on-site really value this experience. It builds confidence and helps them to recognise potential risks in a safe environment.”

Ian Cunningham
Health and Safety Lead, Lendlease

“As well as helping to give residents and other stakeholders a chance to see the plans and give their opinions on them, it allows the teams of engineers, designers and safety experts to work together and examine every aspect of the project in detail.”

Edonis Jesus
Consulting BIM Leader, Lendlease