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The dome in action

The BP Learning Fair

The product

Believed to be a first for the chemical industry in the UK, a 6-metre Igloo was installed at the Saltend refinery in Hull, April 2015. 

The solution offers an alternative approach to training. Through lidar scanning and a detailed texturing process, we replicated the plant digitally to an extremely accurate level of detail. 

The result

Using the facility, field technicians can practice safety critical tasks, such as safe startup and emergency shut-down procedures, in a virtual production plant. This is integrated with BP’s existing fully dynamic process simulator and its Honeywell control room simulator, which means that the competence of whole shift teams can be assessed and influenced by trainers for the first time. In terms of increased safety, reliability and capability, the potential impact is enormous.

We’ve also worked with BP on another initiatives, such as taking along an Igloo cube to BP’s 2017 Angola Learning Fair to demonstrate the benefits of the tech.


‘'The Chief Technology Office at BP is charged with finding innovative solutions to business problems within BP. The flexibility, dynamic deployment and low-cost nature of Igloo was an immediate attraction. The rapid repurposing of content into this environment, such as 3D Unity demonstrators, high definition 360° images from our assets and video from our Commonwealth and Olympic displays, has made it an even more attractive service."

Joe Little
BP, Technology Officer