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6-metre cylinder

Wessex Water : Durleigh Water Treatment

Wessex Water has been working with the global engineering firm AECOM on a £50m project to reconstruct the Durleigh Water Treatment Centre.

It’s a highly complex, technically challenging project. It’s being delivered to BIM Level 2, which means collaborative 3D models must be used, with embedded digital versions of all project and asset information, documentation and data. Also, all data is managed in a single-source environment to ensure high levels of collaboration across the project lifecycle.

AECOM saw the potential for an immersive, collaborative environment. So, as part of the proposal to Wessex Water, it suggested the use of an Igloo Shared VR system, and a 6-metre cylinder was purchased.

The 3D BIM model created by AECOM contains data from ground-penetrating radar, drone surveys, and laser scans. Teams of up to 12 people can stand within the Igloo and walk around the virtual model. And AECOM has reported that design reviews carried out from within the Igloo have helped with design coordination, stakeholder buy-in and plant operability reviews.

For a full deep-dive into the project, you can download the case study.

“The problem that we have is that sometimes operations don’t fully understand our 2D drawings - with a 3D model they can look around as if they’re there, check they’re happy with what they’ve got, so they can sign it off before they get to the site.”

James Leverton
Digital Solutions Lead, AECOM