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Whatever you work with, it already works with Igloo

You’ll probably find that Igloo technology integrates, out-of-the-box, with all your existing content, as well as the VR, 3D and 360° tools you already use - like game engine-based content, design tools, visualisation tools, and training programmes, web-based content, and geospatial packages.

So, you can use the tools you already use - and enjoy the added benefit of using them in Shared VR.

This page gives you an idea of what's possible - and showcases just a few of our content integrations.

If you're looking to use any of the tools below in your Igloo, do be sure to get in touch with us so we can advise on whether you'll need to purchase any third-party licences, what licences are compatible, and how best to use the tool in an Igloo.

Visualisation integrations

Revizto red logo
Revizto is real-time issue tracking software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction, with a focus on collaboration and BIM project coordination.

The Wild
Put your stakeholders inside your design. Effectively communicate spatial concepts through immersive design reviews to unlock better decisions.

Esri company logo
Esri creates the most powerful mapping and spatial data analytics technology available. Unleashing data's potential in every industry.

Adobe CC
Using NDI and Igloo Capture, you can preview all of the most popular Adobe software tools, like Aftereffects and Premiere.

autodesk tools logo
Autodesk Tools
A handy Autodesk plug-in that sends 360° images to render directly from Navisworks or Revit to the Igloo screen. 

geo cv logo

Geo CV
A super-smart, super-slick way to create 360° virtual tours, with embedded 360° images and floor plans.

solibri logo

Industry leading BIM coordination tool, which includes invaluable 3D model clash detection functionality.

vu city logo
VU City
A beautifiul, easily accessible shared platform enabling faster, more informed decisions for city infrastructure.

unit channel partner logo
Unity Reflect
Create real-time 3D experiences, including in AR and VR, from Revit, SketchUp, and Rhino.

synchro logo
Quickly implement 4D planning on projects, enabling more efficient and effective execution.

onshape logo
A product development platform that unites CAD, data management,  collaboration tools, and real-time analytics.

vr collab logo
VRcollab is a next-generation VDC software solution which provides BIM
interrogation, stakeholder collaboration, virtual reality in a concise and effective tool.

Simulation integrations

kairos logo

Kairos 3D
Enables you to easily create and effectively deploy high-value interactive 3D solutions for industrial settings.

A comprehensive and powerful flight simulator, offering highly realistic flight models.

xvr simulation logo

Use-friendly and cost-effective training software for safety and security professionals.

tsc simulation logo

TSC Simulation
Dynamic simulations for the high-fidelity cost-effective modelling, ideal for learning & competence assessments. 

simtronics company logo

Innovative operator training simulations for the process industries and the educational Institutions which support them.

return to scene company logo

Return to Scene
A powerful digital twin capability - for saving money, saving time, improving safety, and enhancing collaboration.

siemens company logo

Siemens Walkinside
Integrated plant management software, covering the entire lifecycle – from engineering to operation.

VBS 4 company logo

A comprehensive training environment for tactical training, experimentation, and mission rehearsal.

return to scene company logo

Expect extraordinary outcomes with the easiest VR authoring tool imaginable. Effective learning for common situations.

ThingLink icon

Add hotspots to any type of visual media. Start from a map or a floor plan and link it together with other media: images, videos, 360° images, 360° videos or 3D models.

Experiences integrations

microsoft powerpoint logo

Microsoft Powerpoint
Create professional presentions just like you would on a desktop, and display them on the vast canvas of the Igloo screen. 

sennheiser company logo

Sennheiser AMBEO
A 3D immersive sound solutions, especially callibrated for the Shared VR Igloo environment.

sensiks company logo

Synchronsie audio-visual experiences with scent, temperature, air flow, tremble, taste and light frequencies. 

Google Slides
A presentation program included as part of a free, web-based software office suite from Google.

Just a few of the platforms that work with Igloo Web

matterport logo
Matterport makes capturing, creating, and distributing beautiful, interactive 3D models easy and affordable.

tableau company logo
From connection to collaboration, Tableau is a powerful, secure and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for your data.

trello company logo
A collaboration tool - to show what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.

pinterest company logo
A social network for users to share and discover new interests by posting images or videos to their own or others' boards.

thinglink company logo
Seamlessly make your images, videos, and 360° content interactive with text, links, images, videos and call to actions.

tweet deck company logo
Tweet Deck
Offers a more convenient Twitter experience by letting you view multiple timelines in one easy interface.

what 3 words company logo
A geocoding mapping system for the communication of locations with a resolution of three metres. 

stormboard logo
A web app for collaborative brainstorming - based on sticky notes and multi-section boards.

tweet deck company logoSeymour & Lehrn
A platform with a range of immersive and 360° lessons for shared learning in primary schools.

tweet deck company logo
Executive Eye
Executive Eye visualizes complex project performance metrics for rapid mental absorption.

Extend your Igloo experience - and amplify the benefits

Because Igloo integrates with so many tools and technologies, you can expect to get even more value from your Igloo investment.

It can double-up as a hard-working enterprise tool, a great place to host immersive ideation sessions, a data visualisation suite, a fully-equipped space for meetings and project updates, a Shared VR training centre, a cinematic gaming facility for teambuilding and downtime, and so the list goes on…

The list is long, and growing fast…

It’s difficult to keep track of all the technologies, tools and platforms we integrate with, and the list keeps on growing.

So, if a tool you use isn’t on the list, ask us (it may well be on the roadmap, or there could be an easy and effective workaround to get it up and working in an Igloo).

Similarly, if you’re a technology vendor, and you’d like your program to Work With Igloo, get in touch. (We’d love to add you into the mix, and spread the word to our clients and prospects).

You can check out an overview of how we integrate new software with the Igloo technology.

Have a tool you want to use in Igloo? Speak to us about how we can make it work.