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How easy is it to integrate with more tools?

Some tools are incredibly easy to integrate (and many more just work, with no need for any tinkering). Others can be more of a challenge (but are always achievable). So, when a client asks us about a new integration, this is the process we work through. 

What is the underlying file format? What rendering engine does it use?

We’ll see how similar it is to our existing tools and if it can slot in. Or we can see if there’s an easy workaround. If your tool is browser-based, for example, it’s a cinch to bring it up in Igloo Web, our custom-made 360° browser. Or we’ll see if your projects can be imported into another tool such as Revizto, which communicates designs into a cloud-based, collaborative 3D environment. 

Is there an API or SDK? 

An API is an interface for your tool. If your tool comes with an API, it has a defined series of specifications. We can use these to build a way for it to communicate with, and be used in, your Igloo. 

An SDK offers us a simpler way to implement that interface. If your tool comes with an SDK, we can plug your tool into what we do. It makes it easier and faster to find a way to integrate your tool with the Igloo system. 

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What controllers are used? 

The Igloo system can be controlled with an array of game controllers (including Xbox, PlayStation, Steam controllers, Open VR, Oculus, Vive). It can also be controlled by our own app, Igloo Touch, which transforms your mobile device into a virtual game controller. If your platform is usable with a controller, chances are you can use it seamlessly in your Igloo system. 

How amenable is the vendor to a full integration? 

The ideal scenario is to work with vendors every step of the way in creating a mutually beneficial relationship. (For example, it’s how we worked with The Wild and VRcollab to integrate their tools with Igloo technology).

If your vendor is looking for an amicable integration, we’ve built strong partnerships out of making successful integrations happen, and are more than ready to expand Igloo’s wide range of industry-standard design, visualisation, coordination, and planning tools.

Have a tool you want to use in Igloo? Speak to us about how we can make it work.