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The product

The jewel in the crown of the Suite is an Igloo-powered 180° immersive pod. And it’s fair to say that it’s got all the bells and whistles, powered by the Igloo software suite and our latest technology developments.

It’s one of the new breed of Igloo installations to have implemented floor-projection. Not only that, but it’s also 3D-enabled, so that users truly feel they’re stepping right into and onto any kind of content. Three ultra-short-throw projectors from our good friends at Digital Projection make for an impressive, crystal-clear display.

We’ve integrated our head-tracking solution too. This heightens the immersion for users - when wearing a pair of tracked glasses, the content you interact with changes perspective as you move.

And that’s not to mention the immersive video conferencing set-up. Collaboration with both onsite and remote colleagues is enhanced by a bespoke, fully remote-controlled solution. It implements two P100 cameras and a P4K camera from BirdDog, all of which are NDI-enabled for convenient AV networking.

Driving all this impressive hardware is the Igloo software suite. The Igloo Elite package means that the team at the Suite can easily bring in content from any source they can think of, so that any business can get the benefit of accessing their tools in a shared immersive space. That includes:

  • The worldwide web, thanks to Igloo Web
  • BIM/CAD data, thanks to Igloo Realtime and our vast array of software integrations
  • 2D, 3D, 360° and stereoscopic 3D images and videos via Igloo Playback
  • And immersive video conferencing capabilities through Igloo Capture

The result

As well as using it for its own R&D projects, the ACE Suite team is offering the facility out as a custom-made solution tailored to any other organisation’s needs - such as presentations and pitches, workshops and ideation, conferences, unique media events, filming locations, product launches, design thinking, and, well, anything else you can imagine.