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The University of Tromsø


Narvik, Norway




7-metre x 10-metre immersive workspace

The University of Tromsø : Immersive workspace

Shared immersive technology can free complicated designs from the confines of flat screens and bring them to life around you. If you create 3D, CAD, CGI, BIM, panoramic or 360° photos or films, you can step inside your content to manipulate it, discuss it or review it. And, because it’s shared, groups of people can experience your visualisations together.

It was this capability that The University of Tromsø (UiT) - The Arctic University of Norway - wanted to investigate with Igloo tech. UiT is the world's northernmost university. Its research contributes on a regional, national and international level, with specialities in the polar environment, climate research, telemedicine, medical biology and space physics.

We retrofitted a 7-metre x 10-metre room into an Igloo immersive workspace with floor projection and surround sound. Twelve Digital Projection E-Vision Laser 5000 projectors were chosen to satisfy UiT’s requirement for 3D content and reduced shadowing.

Every wall and floor can display immersive content to help users to better visualise and engage with their designs and data - with a strip along the middle to create a viewing and meeting platform.

UiT is investigating multiple uses for its Igloo:

  • Holding product and design reviews or meetings for Departments of Engineering, where remote colleagues can join in and still share the experience
  • Creating 3D and VR content with Unity and Unreal Engine thanks to Igloo’s in-built plugins for game engines
  • Education and Training to control processes and machines with digital twins
  • Simulating an Incident Room in the case of emergencies in the Arctic - for example, flying a drone with a 360° camera to live stream into the Igloo to search for lost/injured people
  • Delivering medical training that simulates hospital wards or accident sites that would otherwise be difficult to access
  • Showing panoramic and 360° footage, whether pairing panoramic landscapes with animated floor projection to create a sense of motion or digital twinning 360° footage from a laboratory

Testing out content in the immersive space

“It's a fantastic tool and you can use it for anything. You can present so much more, in a much more interesting way than the typical classroom lecture.”

Dag Pedersen
Lecturer in Department of Industrial Engineering, UiT