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We’re bringing the Shared VR experience into your home

Normally, we’d invite you to one of our Shared VR demo centres to experience an Igloo.

But, right now, things are far from normal.

So, we’ve got an ingenious virtual demo solution for you - enabling you to explore our products, experience our technology, and even try out your content in an Igloo, all without leaving home.

Complete the form below, or email us at to arrange your virtual demo.

Wondering whether it’s worth your time?

When you get in touch, we can discuss the specifics. But, to encourage you to fill in that form, or send that email, here’s a bit of background on our virtual demos...

We’ve adapted a clever little app called Igloo Showroom, which you can access via a PC, a smartphone, or even a VR headset. And we can use it to:

  • Guide you through the full product range - they’ve all been virtually replicated from a cosy 2.5-metre cube to a cavernous 21-metre dome
  • Give you a road-test of the Igloo software - it’s all connected up to Igloo Showroom and we can show you the true power of Shared VR 
  • Show you some integrations - because our tech works, out-of-the-box, with lots of tools, so it can fit right in with your workflows
  • Test your own content - if you’ve got 360° or VR content, we can run it for real, in real-time, in a virtual Igloo

Still not convinced? Then take a look at this really quick video

When you have your demo, it’ll look and feel a bit like that video, except we’ll follow your agenda, answer your questions, and discuss your use cases.

Still not quite sure?

If Igloo Showroom doesn’t sound quite right, there are a few other virtual demo options on offer. And you can read about them in this blog post.

Go on! Fill in that form. Or send that email.

It’s a super-simple way to start experiencing Igloo Shared VR. And we’d love to give you a tour of an Igloo and our technology.