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Constantly evolving

At Igloo Vision, we are never happy sitting still - we are always working harder, reaching further, doing better. In our 10 year history, we have worked on 100s of assignments for many of the world’s biggest brands. In just the last 5 years we have grown our team 6 times over, and our customer base 4 times over.

Not only that, but we have now opened offices in Australia, Canada, along with two others in New Jersey and Los Angeles, USA. With our Shropshire and London offices, this means we now have bases in 4 countries - and we’re just getting started.

Rapid growth, with a strong trajectory

Igloo is a rapidly growing business, succeeding in one of the world’s most promising markets (VR/AR/XR).

We are selling globally to many of the world’s biggest brands.

We are asserting ownership over an emerging sub-set of the wider VR market - what we call Shared VR.

We are a well-managed business with an experienced leadership team, a 10-year pedigree, and solid financials.

Our market and how we fit into it

We are an enterprise player delivering enterprise solutions.

Historically, our business has been skewed towards “experiences”. But we’re pushing progressively into the “visualisation” and “simulation” markets - where the real promise resides.

The consensus from industry analysts is that the enterprise VR sector is poised for considerable growth - and there is a strong rationale for Igloo Shared VR solutions.

Six things that set us apart from any other provider of immersive display systems

Frugal technology credentials - Igloo started as a low-cost alternative to incumbent providers. So we are disrupting the existing simulation market, and we continue to find ingenious cost-efficiencies.

Breadth and depth of the client list - Igloo has delivered 500+ projects and installations for many of the world’s biggest brands. No one else has so much experience across so many sectors.

Content agnostic platform - Igloo technology is specifically created to be compatible with any type of VR or 360° content. Several other providers have a vested interest in delivering a particular type of content.

An all-in-one solution - We develop our own technology and design our own structures. Other providers tend to specialize in structures or projection, but not both.

Global footprint - as well as delivering projects worldwide, we have an expanding global presence so, unusually, Igloo is able to support clients across multiple geographies and time zones.

Sector specialisms - we work in several industry sectors, each of which has its own needs, technologies and tools. For, example, in architecture, engineering and construction, Igloo technology integrates with the leading design and visualization tools. Similarly, in the energy sector, it integrates with the leading simulation and training models.

So, as the Shared VR sector matures and consolidates, Igloo is destined to be the clear category leader.