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We are THE shared immersive space company

We’ve helped clients in all kinds of industries work faster, smarter, and safer for over ten years. We take their digital content and put it into an immersive space that anyone can use. Any client, in any sector, anywhere, can benefit from Igloo immersive technology.

Igloo Vision by the numbers:


 Seven offices around the world:

London, Shropshire, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Rotterdam


Over 700 events and installations

For clients including Microsoft, NTT, Accenture, Ford, PwC, Deloitte, WarnerMedia, Pininfarina, BBC, Adidas, BP, and many, many more


Over 40 education installations

In universities, colleges, schools, all over the world, as department-specific facilities or whole-curriculum resources


Over 12 years of experience

No one's been doing this for as long, or as well, as us


£9million in sales annual revenue


49.02% average three-year sales growth

Exponential revenue growth

Graph of Igloo Vision's exponential revenue growth from 2009 - 2020

Why invest in Igloo Vision?

From our roots in rural Shropshire, we’ve grown into a global company with worldwide delivery capabilities, selling to many of the world’s biggest brands and enterprises.

When you invest in Igloo Vision, you become part of an incredible journey.

Robust finances

We’ve already received investment from a variety of sources:

  • Initial angel investment from private entrepreneurs
  • Funding in 2012 from Midven, the UK Midlands-based venture firm
  • Funding in 2019 from Frontier Development Capital, a national fund manager
  • Funding in 2020 from Mariana UFP LLP, a London-headquartered financial services firm and asset manager, with additional investment from Midven and Frontier Development Capital
  • Funding in 2020 from The Ingenious Group, a London-based investor specialising in the media, infrastructure, real estate and education sectors

An exciting and growing market

The immersive technology market is rapidly growing:

And our development of immersive workspaces and the Immersive Media Player taps into a new ‘phygital’ trend:

The Igloo immersive offering can give any company a shared immersive space to take advantage of these emerging transformations - and importantly, those spaces are easy to use by anyone in the business. So, we’re well-placed to take the market by storm.

A proven track record in this fast-moving market

  • In 2020, we were featured as one of the UK’s fastest-growing private technology companies in The Sunday Times’s Tech Track 100
  • We’ve sold to many of the world’s biggest brands, only ever held back by lack of investment
  • Even during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we raised additional capital - a clear sign of confidence in the strength of the Igloo proposition

We’re an established company that you can rely on for proven returns.

A content-agnostic, all-in-one platform

Unlike other providers of immersive spaces, our platform is specifically designed to take any digital content, in any format, from any source, and put it in a shared immersive space.

So, we can and have sold to clients in a wide range of sectors - including Education, Oil & Gas, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, etc, etc, etc.

Igloo technology helps enterprises of all kinds to work faster, smarter, and safer: so anyone can benefit from it.

Flexible solutions for any client

The Igloo Immersive Media Player allows us to be incredibly flexible in our offering.

Clients can choose a turnkey solution - structure, display, media player.

Or we can provide them with an Igloo Immersive Media Player to create their own spaces.

Or we can work with technology integrators to consult on immersive installations.

Whatever the project, we can fit right in.

Worldwide delivery capabilities

With seven offices around the world, we’ve delivered on every continent (apart from Antarctica).

And, following our partnership with AVI-SPL, the world’s largest audiovisual integrator, there is no corner in the world that we can’t take our technology to.

Want to take the next step?

If you’re ready to join us on our journey, we’d love to hear from you.

So, be sure to get in touch if you’d like to become part of the Igloo story.

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