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The Behind the Layers campaign achieved:

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Total campaign reach of 3.6 million people

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An immersive tasting experience for almost 2,500 guests

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Footfall of over 37,000

The product

Haygarth's BIG idea was to reintroduce consumers to the Ferrero Rocher brand, reinvent the pre-Christmas pop-up experience, and renew the traditional gift-giving of the chocolates at this time of year.

So, it wanted to create a multisensory immersive tasting experience to get people thinking about Ferrero in a whole new way. A key ingredient was Igloo Shared VR. Two of our 6-metre cylinders were used as the background for a 45-minute experience, which took guests deep into the heart of Ferrero Rocher.

With cocktails based on the flavours of Ferrero Rocher, 360° content that called to mind the many layers in each chocolate, and mini desserts to try, the experience was an unforgettable one.

The result

As suspected, the installation was a real talking point, picking up a tranche of media coverage including the Evening Standard and the Independent. You can see more on Haygarth's website and check out more of its work too.