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The product

The ideal way to do this is to take prospective customers on a tour of the Airstream factory. That way, they can see how quality is built into every component of every Airstream. And they can get a feel for the pride and passion of Airstream’s craftsmen and craftswomen.

But, of course, it’s not feasible to take every potential customer behind the scenes to the Airstream factory in Jackson, Ohio. So RV One did the next best thing and invested in a Shared VR system from Igloo Vision.

A 6-metre Igloo cylinder has been installed at the showroom. Built-in with custom-branding, it is a focal point of the customer experience. It is also incredibly simple to operate (you just press a button to the side of the door and step inside). And almost everyone who ever visits the showrooms is treated to an immersive, 360° tour of the factory, which takes them through every step of the manufacturing process.

The result

In July 2019, we went back to check-up on the Igloo. We are pleased to say that we found a very happy client, delighted with the installation and how easy it is to use, and the role it plays in the customer experience.