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The product

Shared VR was the perfect tool to give entire groups a simulated walkthrough of the planned Lab and its location, all narrated by the smooth-voiced Anderson Cooper. And, we worked together with WarnerMedia to plan for different delivery formats at different events.

For CES 2020, for example, we created a custom 6-metre half-cylinder which hosted three pieces of content: the Innovation Lab preview, a Beyond Earth VR experience by CNN, and a brand new Ben 10 VR adventure from Cartoon Network.

The result

To create a truly special experience, our software team worked with developers at Cartoon Network to integrate our VR Spectator application with the VR game. So a game designed for two players inside VR headsets became a literal spectator sport that could be shared with whole groups at a time. Especially at a busy event like CES, it’s the perfect way to get plenty of people involved with the experience, without the need for lengthy waits for VR headsets.