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6-metre cylinder

Global Cooperation Councils : The InSight Project

It can be difficult for students to get experiences of other countries, particularly developing countries, and to understand the challenges faced by others. But, with Igloo Shared VR, groups of young people can be transported to places and situations they would never otherwise see - and that’s the aim of the InSight Project.

The InSight Project is a collaboration between the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation (ACGC), the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC), and the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC). The organisations work to advance global cooperation and sustainability within their respective communities in Canada.

We provided a 6-metre diameter Shared VR cylinder as a touring venue for the project. While we’ve worked with many charities and not-for-profit organisations to get their messages across with Shared VR, this was one of the few that went on to the road - with a potential reach of over 50,000 Canadians.

A programme of 360° documentaries and workshops was specially curated for the InSight Project. This included: Growing a World Wonder, set in Senegal, which addresses the threats of desertification; Ready to Learn, Ready to Live, about education for girls in Afghanistan; Clouds Over Sidra, which portrays life in a refugee camp near the Syrian border in Jordan; and Samuel's Fair Trade Journey, which shows how the Fairtrade scheme supports coffee farmers in Kenya. Check out the video for a preview of the films.

The films were chosen as examples of ways the public can help developing countries - like buying fair trade coffee, supporting refugee education or planting trees. And, by immersing audiences in the films, they’d understand the impact that their actions could have.

The tour officially launched at Calgary Central Library in February 2020, attended by the British Consul General in Calgary, and garnered positive reactions from all, as well as press coverage that you can check out on Dropmark.

Sadly, the tour was disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s 3D, you can’t look anywhere else for distraction. Having it completely closed like that is immersive and allows them to have all their senses be a part of that. It's much more effective.”

Joel Nydam
Teacher, Westlawn School

"It's really hard for schools to leave their campus to take field trips and so we're bringing the field trip to them. We're bringing the stories of global development of women and girls to as many youth as possible."

Leah Ettarh
Executive Director, Alberta Council for Global Cooperation