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The product

Each year, the Humane Society holds its ‘To the Rescue!’ Gala to celebrate its worldwide animal rescue efforts. For such a high-end event, with a celebrity guest list, the Humane Society wanted to find a different way to showcase its immersive content - there were concerns around motion sickness, and around asking well-dressed and well-groomed guests to don a VR headset.

A 270° Igloo cylinder proved the perfect way to immerse the guests. The open-fronted cylinder meant they could move in and out of it as they pleased, able to step right into the footage that would transport them to locations such as Liberia to see the Humane Society in action.

The result

It created a wow-factor for the event and generated a very positive response from those who stepped inside. For an example of the sort of content that was shown, take a look at the video that gives an overview of the Humane Society’s work.


“The overall reaction was very positive. When you stepped inside the Igloo, it was a very immersive experience and you couldn’t hear the outside noise from the cocktail hour either. We liked the openness of the installation that allowed people to go in and stay as long as they liked.”

Chad Sisneros
Managing Director, The Humane Society of the United States