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Client:  Hyundai & Film 45

Product:  3 x 6 metre cylinders

Location:  Poland & Houston

Assignment:  360° live stream & advertising

Date:  2017

As part of the groundbreaking Operation Better project, Igloo transported US troops stationed on a remote US military base in Poland to the 2017 Super Bowl via Shared VR 360º video streaming.

Commissioned by Hyundai Motor America, we worked alongside a multi-national team including Innocean Worldwide, Film 45, and Pony Show Entertainment. Together, we surprised three US soldiers by virtually transporting them to Houston to watch the Super Bowl with their families, who they hadn't seen for months. The Igloo Shared VR cylinders, combined with a two-way communication feed, allowed the families to enjoy the game, as though they were together in the stands.

An advertisement was shot, edited and produced live during the first half of the game, a first for the advertising industry. Acclaimed director Peter Berg had less than an hour to produce the 90-second mini-documentary, which aired immediately after the game – and was seen by more than 100 million people.

Three separate 4K 360 video streams were captured in Houston using Nokia OZO cameras.  They were then transferred to Poland by satellite, unpacked and displayed in full 360° in three Igloo cylinders.

The project has pushed the boundaries of 360° live streaming and shows how Shared VR can bring people together.

Hyundai Superbowl, February 2017