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The product

The focus was Telstra Vantage, the annual showcase event created by Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company. And, using Telstra’s new 5G network we successfully live-streamed interactive 8K 360° content from the Gold Coast into a 6-metre Igloo cylinder on the show floor in Melbourne.

The 5G network allowed for real-time, low-latency streaming. Despite the massive amounts of data being transmitted, the stream was delayed by less than two seconds on its 1,700km journey between the sites. And, on top of all that, it was possible to include interactive features such as picture-in-picture video calling.

The result

To make all this possible, each of us had our role to play.

  • Igloo provided the Shared VR cylinder plus a Unity plugin for the live-streaming application to work in 360°.
  • Magna Systems, an Asia Pac-wide broadcast, telecoms and engineering consultancy firm headquartered in Sydney, acted as the systems integrator in the process.

  • Summit Tech designed a capture and encoding system that can be set-up in any location with 5G coverage.
  • And everything was captured by a Kandao Obsidian R 8K camera.

The whole project was a true success in international collaboration (for example, technologists from both our Toronto and Melbourne offices helped develop the solution). And it highlighted the huge potential for 5G and the impact this technology is going to have across industries.


“It was a great demo, one of my favourites, it was very, very popular. The Igloo team were great, very adaptable when we gave them very short notice and they were just fantastic to work with, an absolute dream.”

Carlie Bell
Festival of 5G Program Manager, Telstra

“This project was an excellent example of what’s possible when you combine Telstra’s cutting-edge 5G network and the very latest in live, 8K VR acquisition and streaming technology and workflows. This convergence of technologies is something Magna is implementing more and more, which makes for a very exciting future in this space.”

David Clemesha
Broadcast Consultant, Magna Systems & Engineering

“I would say we probably did the demo for somewhere between 900 and 1000 people. It was great working with an international team. Igloo was great in the sense that we were able to work out of the Toronto office in Canada, we were able to get a headstart on the ways things work, test everything out, and we could be 100% sure everything would work on-site.”

Ron Nessim
Solution Architect for 5G Projects, Summit Tech

“We had to use the Unity plugin from Igloo, since our app uses Unity extensively, and I must say that I was really pleased with the plugin, easy to integrate, just drop it in and it mostly works out of the box, maybe one or two configurations to suit your needs, but it’s very comprehensive and the team is always there to help with any issues.”

Jean Claude Grenier
Lead Developer for 5G Projects, Summit Tech