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The product

CPC engaged us to transport the Igloo, with fresh new covers, to the event. The flexibility of the Igloo software meant each of the eight SMEs could display a wide range of content, including 360° presentations, 180° animations, and a great set of 360° lidar scans put together by the team at Scanlabs.

The result

Judging from the feedback, the Summit was a resounding success. For instance, Darshana at Coplug told us that, despite some initial scepticism, she noticed a definite increase in engagement from people who saw a video in the Igloo, compared to the same video on a laptop.


“Presenting in the Igloo today has been a unique and interesting experience. This allows stakeholders to really engage with the scenarios they create and understand how the community can be affected by transport changes.”

Devon Barrett
CTO, Podaris

“Having the Igloo provides a very safe, quiet space for SMEs to talk to local authorities and local governments about future potential areas of collaboration.”

Cera Wong
SME Development Manager, Connected Places Catapult