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The product

Being one of the first events we’d worked on in post-Covid Australia, we specified one of our 270° immersive cylinders, to open up the front and to allow for more space inside the cylinder. VR headsets were not an option here as they would have required more MLA staff for assisting with fitting and removing the devices, and cleaning times in between uses would have meant fewer people were able to view the stand. The open-fronted cylinder enabled people to view the content in a safe and secure way, and allowed more people to visit the stand and hear MLA’s message.

Inside the cylinder, visitors were able to watch a pre-created immersive video explaining the journey from ‘Paddock to Plate’, hearing from farmers in the meat and livestock industry and learning about the processes involved. MLA commented that many of the people visiting the stand were from built-up areas, and they loved being immersed in rural countryside that they perhaps hadn’t experienced before.

The result

The goal of the event was to maintain people’s trust in this industry, and MLA noted how hearing directly from farmers themselves resonated far more with the attendees, as opposed to being talked to by MLA staff. And delivering the message with Igloo Shared VR helped to get it across.

One of the reasons MLA was keen to work together again was the ease of the event itself. When the MLA team arrived on site, everything was set up and ready to go for them. We simply loaded the content into the cylinder, adjusted the volume and set it to a loop using Igloo Touch and they were good to go all day. This meant MLA didn’t have to worry about setting it up themselves or trying to figure out complex systems; everything we create is user-friendly.


“Working with the Igloo team has been really fantastic. Right from the very beginning when we started looking into the Igloo as an option, the guys were able to send us heaps of different designs and different options that we might like to consider. And working with the guys on site has been really easy, we’ve had 24/7 technical assistance.”

Georgia Good
Community Engagement Officer, Meat & Livestock Australia