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6-metre dome

Science Museum Group : Space Descent 360°

One of the challenges with conventional VR experiences is how to share them with younger children. This is something that the UK’s Science Museum Group had faced with the Space Descent VR experience featuring astronaut Tim Peake.

It’s been hugely popular. It’s attracted plenty of media attention. But it’s only been suitable for ages 13+, which precludes a large proportion of Science Museum visitors - and can make for some furiously unhappy would-be astronauts.

Igloo was asked if we could help to make the experience more inclusive, and suitable for the whole family. And, as a result, a 360° 3D version of the experience was created for a 6-metre Igloo dome, which was in-place for the entire summer season.

“We’re really proud to be able to give everyone the opportunity to experience something that, up until now, had only been available to a handful of astronauts.”

Mark Cutmore
Head of Commercial Experiences, Science Museum Group