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The product

Immersion was key. ANMM planned to boast real fossils, gigantic replicas as long as 13-metres, and hands-on interactive activities. But how to actually showcase what it must be like to witness one of these huge prehistoric ocean predators? And ensure the exhibition was different from prehistoric shows in other museums?

To put visitors right inside the action, ANMM commissioned an 180° screen from Igloo. The screen uses two projectors and surround sound to turn back the clock millions of years, giving visitors the chance to visualise these prehistoric predators. Today in Sydney, you can experience what it must have been like to be hunted in the depths of the ocean by a sea monster.

The result

The Sea Monsters exhibition was launched 26 September 2019, continuing to 27 April 2020, where it will begin a tour across Australia. “The exhibition is going well!” said Em Blamely, Creative Producer at ANMM. “We’ve had record numbers of visitors!”