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Igloo VR Spectator is a plug-in for Unity, one of the most commonly-used game engines. Make Unity VR projects compatible with viewing in the Igloo Shared VR system, transporting groups of people into your virtual world.

It’s like stepping into a VR headset

  • Inside an Igloo system, the senses are stimulated from every direction.
  • Share your virtual world across a vast 360° screen and surround sound.
  • All the immersion, but sharable.

Share your VR game or experience with groups of people 

  • Bring large audiences inside your virtual world.  
  • Let stakeholders see how progress on your design is going. Or, let customers see what someone is doing inside a VR game.
  • Measure reactions, excitement, and engagement.

What Igloo VR Spectator does

vr spectator room

people in vr in an igloo room

It’s as simple as drag-and-drop

  • Source files only need minor modification to make them Igloo-ready.
  • The plug-in is drag-and-drop to all your existing Unity projects. 
  • Only needs to be done once.

Supports all Igloo systems 

  • Headset images will display in your Igloo system without any distortion.
  • Automatic aspect ratio adjustment to suit canvas size.
  • Configures to work in any Igloo system.

What Igloo VR Spectator can do for you

people watching a race in an igloo room

people spectating a meeting in an igloo room

people in an igloo cylinder room


Let your students show off their VR games and Unity creations in a spectacular exhibition space.


Demonstrate your work in VR to stakeholders without requiring individual headsets. Present with the benefits of body language and eye contact. 


Let audiences play and demo VR games, while those around them see everything they’re doing without the restriction of the headset.

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