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A choice of two Igloo cylinders

The Igloo cylinders were built in direct response to client demand.

Some clients loved our domes, but needed a structure to fit under standard ceiling heights or take to exhibitions.
Others had experience with cube-shaped BIM Caves or full dome spheres and were forever frustrated by the image distortion
(not to mention the high costs). So we created a solution that was quick to build, slick to be in, and totally practical.


The 6-metre Cylinder

Versatile & mobile

The 6m Cylinder is an extremely versatile mobile solution, offering rapid deployment times and an exhibition grade finish. Ideal for collaborative BIM visualisation, exhibition stands and bid presentations.

Capacity:        1-to-15
Footprint:      6.15m (20’2”) diameter
Height:            2.75m (9’0”)
Build time:     4-6 hours

It’s used by clients like CH2M, Skanska, Welsh Water and
Ballantines Whiskey.


The 9-metre Cylinder

More space to play with

The 9m Cylinder is a larger version of our popular 6-metre equivalent. So, if you’ve got more space to play with, it gives you more scope for more participants – so it’s great for exhibition stands, stakeholder engagement initiatives, and immersive meeting room applications.

Capacity:        1-to-40
Footprint:      9m (29’6”) diameter
Height:            2.55m (8’3”)
Build time:     8 hours


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