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Igloo Warper is the core program for displaying content in the Igloo Shared VR system for simulations, visualisations and experiences. Igloo Warper blends multiple projector outputs to create one clear, seamless image over a vast screen. Use Warper to immerse teams, clients, customers in a virtual environment up to 360°.

It’s like stepping into a VR headset

  • Igloo Warper gives you all the immersion of virtual reality. 

  • But you can share that experience with a group, a team, your colleagues, your customers. 

  • Ideal for project updates, events and simulations.


  • Transform those presentations and team briefings. 
  • Adopt an active presenting style making use of your entire setting. 
  • Visualise timelines, infographics, and more over a vast canvas up to 360°.

Easily load content

  • It doesn’t take much to convert your existing assets to make them Igloo-ready.

  • Bring in library 360° and VR content too.

  • Or create your own. Use basic bread-and-butter tools like Google Slides, load panoramic photos, create animations or 360° videos.

What Igloo Warper does

Geometry-correcting and edge-blending

  • Manipulate the shape of your outputs to suit the screen you want to use. 
  • Blend out overlaps for a single continuous image. 
  • Heighten immersion. 

Endlessly customisable

  • Save pre-set settings. 
  • Set films and presentations to play on startup. 
  • Tile and autoscale content to fill the vast screen.


  • Display multiple content sources simultaneously on different layers. 
  • Switch between them instantaneously. 
  • Save time on loading. Have complete control over when your audience sees what. 
  • Each layer supports transparency.

Completely accessible

  • Pull in your content easily from source media folders and files. 
  • Match background colours to your content. 
  • Control the entire screen with a game controller or Igloo Touch.

What Igloo Warper can do for you


  • Immerse classes and teams in realistic simulations for teaching or training.


  • Bring your concepts to life. Show clients or stakeholders how finished concepts will look and feel.


  • Engage, inspire and entertain. Leave lasting memories for groups of people with immersive events.

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