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All the power of Igloo Shared VR contained in a sleek, sophisticated, standalone unit

With the Igloo Immersive Media Player, we've packed the power of Igloo technology into a single box.

It’s intended for clients and integrators who want to use Igloo’s core technology to create their own shared immersive spaces (immersive workspaces, huddle rooms, retail installations, data visualisation suites, innovation hubs, CAVEs, etc, etc, etc.) but are frustrated by the limitations of traditional AV media servers.

If you’re an integrator looking to pitch an outstanding immersive installation, the Igloo Immersive Media Player is ideal. Vision mixing, warping, blending, video processing - everything that traditionally would require several hardware and software components patched together - are all handled by the Igloo Immersive Media Player. All the functionality your clients would ever need is contained in a single box.

Or, if you’ve already got an immersive installation - maybe you’ve got an existing CAVE, with an ageing media player - you can supercharge it with a brand-new IMP.

And, to make sure you've got the right tool for your needs, it's available in four formats: IMP Lite, IMP I, IMP II, and IMP III.


Smooth playback at HD and 4K, with four levels of machine for any situation


All the technology you need to turn any space into a shared immersive space, with built-in warping and blending


An intuitive user interface controlled by your smartphone, tablet or VR wand


Use your own office data and tools or create your own immersive presentations

Multiple data sources

Mix and match external data from any number of sources, and easily share screens from near-by devices

Choice of display technologies

Compatible with any display technology including lamp projectors, laser projectors, 3D projectors, LEDs and flat panels

Works with the tools you already use

Choose from a huge library of integrated apps, including enterprise design, visualisation, simulation and training tools


Use the Igloo SDK and plug-ins to create your own software integrations

Key specifications

Whatever your use case, there’s sure to be an IMP to suit.

IMP I - great for events, immersive storytelling, room-scale presentations

Storage: 512GB
Outputs: 8 x WUXGA including console
Size: 4u rack-mountable unit
Compatible Igloo software: Igloo Platform, Igloo Essential, Igloo Enterprise

IMP II - great for immersive workspaces, data visualisation suites, training facilities

Storage: 1TB
Outputs: 8 x WQXGA including console
Size: 4u rack-mountable unit
Compatible Igloo software: Igloo Platform, Igloo Essential, Igloo Enterprise, Igloo Elite

IMP III - great for innovation hubs, experience centres, control rooms

Storage: 2TB
Outputs: 8 x WQXGA or 5 x UHD (4K)
Size: 4u rack-mountable unit
Compatible Igloo software: Igloo Platform, Igloo Essential, Igloo Enterprise, Igloo Elite

The Igloo difference

If the Igloo Immersive Media Player didn’t exist, how else might you power an immersive workspace?

You’d probably start with a traditional AV media server. Depending on the functionality you were looking for, you’d probably need to add in some extra components.

Then, when it was installed, you wouldn’t have much latitude over the type of content you could run. And you might need an onsite AV technician to keep the whole thing functioning.


If you’re used to traditional AV media servers, you’ll immediately spot the Igloo Immersive Media Player difference.

We packaged it up into a sleek, sophisticated unit. We lost all those intimidating switches and dials. And we pitched it, not at an AV aficionado, or a computer scientist, but at an everyday user of digital content.

Yes, it has all the power and functionality you’d ever need. But, it’s so easy to learn and explore. And, using intuitive interfaces and controllers, anyone who can operate a smartphone or a PC can soon find their way around an Igloo Immersive Media Player.


A traditional AV media server tends to be a single-minded piece of kit (designed to run tightly-planned AV events, following a linear format, and using a narrow range of AV content types).

By contrast, the Igloo Immersive Media Player is designed, not just for AV delivery, but as an everyday enterprise tool. So it is far more capable. There’s no need to plug in any additional components or patch-in any extra software.

All the capability comes in-built, thanks to a full range of software modules, deep integration with the type of enterprise tools you already use (like game engine-based content, design tools, visualisation tools, and training programmes, web-based content, and geospatial packages), and the option to use several different input and control devices.


The real beauty of Igloo technology is its innate flexibility.

Because it’s a layer-based system, it enables you to work with several different types of content, in different formats, from different sources, all at the same time. You can quickly switch between them. Or you can view several at the same time (just like having multiple windows and tabs open on your PC).

So, for example, you could pull up a web-app (like Salesforce, or Tableau, or whatever), cross-reference that with a spreadsheet, scrutinise some photos of a product, make annotations, colleagues based in a remote location, and much more.

Again, it’s very different from a conventional AV server, which is typically engineered to run a pre-planned, preprogrammed narrative, with little flexibility and no scope for spontaneity.

Turn any space into an immersive workspace with built-in warping and blending - and a full suite of Igloo software

Create immersive
rooms with
the Igloo Immersive
Media Player

With an Igloo Immersive Media Player, you can turn
any meeting room or office space into an immersive
workspace - irrespective of size or shape.

The walls become vast wraparound screens,
enabling teams to engage with any type of digital
content - such as websites, web-based applications,
dashboards, data visualisations, spreadsheets, video
conferencing platforms, 3D design tools, and much,
much, more.

Transform a room into a business tool

This means that the room itself becomes a powerful business tool. The technology you use in your working life is no longer trapped behind a little rectangular screen.

None of your data or documents are more than a glance away. And everything is up, on the walls, for debate, discussion and decision-making.

Any content, in any format, from any source, to any display technology

The Igloo Immersive Media Player puts you in control of a layer-based visualisation system, which is flexible, scalable, and easy to operate.

You’ll probably find that Igloo technology integrates, out-of-the-box, with all your existing content and tools. 

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