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Our software turns any space into an immersive workspace

With our software, any digital content can be shown on the walls of one of these spaces. You can view and interact with any digital content, including software and tools you use every day like PowerPoint or Zoom. And speaking of Zoom, our immersive video conferencing solutions let you effortlessly engage with any colleagues based anywhere in the world.

Plus, you can display and interact with immersive content including 360° images, videos, interactive apps - anything created for a VR headset. But with our technology, it feels like you’re stepping into the VR headset. And our immersive environment lets you share the experience with whole groups.

It’s a layer-based system, so all these streams of content can be overlaid or tiled next to each other. And it’s quick and easy to switch between the layers – so you can switch context instantly.

Choose from a range of software packages, loaded onto your Immersive Media Player, or work with us on a custom package and specify your own computer hardware.

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Use the tools you already use

You’ll probably find that Igloo technology integrates, out-of-the-box, with all your existing content, as well as the VR, 3D and 360° tools you already use - like game engine-based content, design tools, visualisation tools, and training programmes, web-based content, and geospatial packages. And if there’s a tool we haven’t integrated, you can speak to us about adding it to the roster.

We work hard to make the software as easy to use as possible, with intuitive user interfaces, and control methods, so that anyone can step inside an Igloo and get started right away.

Learn more about integrations

Learn more about the software packages available:


Included with every Igloo Immersive Media Player, the software you need to display and play any 360°, panoramic content, or other video content.

igloo warper yellow icon

Igloo Warper
Seamlessly display any imagery across a vast 360° horizon.

igloo playback green icon

Igloo Playback
Play videos, CGI and panoramas.


Get more control over your Igloo with our user interface and our smartphone app.


Igloo Home
An interface that anyone can use.

igloo touch icon with logo in square

Igloo Touch
Control your Igloo with your smartphone.

igloo encode blue icon

Igloo Encode
Optimise any video for a 360° cinema.


For organisations requiring a more sophisticated set-up with the ability to display anything on the internet into the Igloo, or tile and display multiple channels of content to create an immersive studio.

The Enterprise package also contains the software in the Essential package.

igloo web orange icon

Igloo Web
Browse the internet directly in your Igloo and display any website in 360°.

igloo capture red icon

Igloo Capture
Tile and display up to 12 channels of content from anywhere.

igloo realtime green icon

Igloo Realtime
Integrate game engines and visualisation tools.

igloo realtime green icon

Igloo Control Panel
An intuitive app for running your Igloo.

igloo cast red icon

Igloo Cast
Mirror your computer screen onto the Igloo display.


For organisations requiring top-of-the-range, high-end immersion. Display 3D, 4D and live stream 360° content and take full control of the Igloo system.

The Elite package also contains the software in the Essential and Enterprise packages.

Igloo 3D blue box icon

Igloo 3D
Display 3D-ready content.

igloo 4D yellow icon on black background

Igloo 4D
Control external devices like lights, blinds, smoke machines and more, to create immersion like none other.

Igloo API black and white icon

Igloo API
Take control of every aspect of your Igloo system.

Not sure which package is right for you? Speak to one of our Igloo representatives for more detail.