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Client:  Captura Group

Product:  6 metre cylinder

Location:  Harrogate, UK

Assignment:  Spherical Enveloping Spaces

Date:  2018

Captura Group is a specialist technology company delivering innovative solutions to the utility, infrastructure and AEC sectors.

In 2018 it decided to launch a separate brand - called Spherical Enveloping Spaces - to give clients access to a full range of 360° and immersive technologies.  And, as part of the proposition, it decided to acquire its own Igloo 6-metre cylinder for clients to hire.

The Spherical team came down to our Shropshire HQ for full training on how to rig, de-rig and operate their new Igloo. We also provided a full range of assets and photography to help Spherical market its new range of shared VR services.  

You can get a good sense of what’s on offer at the Spherical website.