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Fire Service College


Gloucestershire, UK




6-metre dome

Fire Service College : Incident Command

Back in 2014, the UK Fire Service College introduced Igloo Shared VR as part of its refurbished simulation suite.

The College aims to be the word’s best resilience training organisation. To this end, it invests in very high-quality, yet cost-effective training solutions, including a 6-metre Igloo 360° projection dome.

The Shared VR installation uses XVR Simulation software to allow for true interaction, flexibility and immersion for trainees - for example, training supervisors can shape the way a scenario unfolds in response to the decisions made by the trainees.

A benefit of the fully immersive system is that trainees have to use the full 360° field of vision to assess and respond to any situation presented to them. It is also used as a group review tool to aid discussion and evaluate decision-making.

"It will really help the incident commanders think about their situational awareness, they really need to be able to see what's going on all the way around them.”

Helen Tooley
Group Manager of Strategic Development

"It was all good and working within seven-to-eight hours, so it was a really good installation!"

Paul Tatum
ICT Manager