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9-metre dome

Mercedes-Benz : Live Van experience

Every year, Mercedes-Benz hosts a Live Van experience to introduce van owners and operators to the latest line-up of Mercedes vehicles. And the regular venue for the event is the formidable Millbrook Proving Ground, where drivers can put the vans through their paces in the most challenging of conditions.

For the 14th iteration in 2017, which stretched across nine-days, 2,867 guests drove 258 vehicles across 49,387 miles (and ate 5,112 bacon sandwiches). As well as offering the test drives, Mercedes wanted to immerse guests right inside its brand. And, to achieve this, an Igloo 9-metre dome was enlisted as the perfect venue to immerse fans in a multisensory experience.

The content, displayed in 360°, was made up of four ‘panels’, each of which showed a different angle of the same core image. It was a truly inventive use of the wraparound Igloo canvas - which we frequently show in client demos to illustrate alternatives to conventional 360° video.

At the 2017 Live Van event there were:

2,867 guests

who drove 49,387 miles

and ate 5,112 bacon sandwiches