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Hirschfeld : Planet Oat

Hirschfeld Marketing Solutions is a creative marketing agency that builds dynamic branded experiences with a powerful impact. However ‘crazy’ an idea might be, the team listens to that idea and pairs it with well-thought-out objectives. And one such idea was to create a ‘Plan-oat-tarium’ for client Planet Oat.

Planet Oat launched in January 2019 and offers four varieties of oatmilk free from dairy, peanuts, soy and gluten. And it wanted to target key markets with events in Boston, Portland, Los Angeles and New York.

Hirschfeld was aware of Igloo and had been searching for the right client to deploy the technology. And, when Planet Oat wanted to create an out-of-this-world experience, Hirschfeld immediately knew Igloo was the answer.

As well as the venue, we also created the content that took visitors on an immersive journey through outer space to Planet Oat. A 12.5-metre dome served as the Plan-oat-tarium venue to immerse visitors in the brand. Inside, the team set up sampling stations to taste the different oatmilk flavours, and offer various goodies made with oatmilk - like lattes, cookies, banana bread, and cold-brewed coffee.

In total, the dome travelled to four USA locations, namely, Portland, Boston, Los Angeles and New York, and attracted around 10,000 people through its doors. Visitors couldn’t help but rave about the experience - and some even came back the next day to tell the team they’d gone out to buy the oatmilk.

Over on Youtube, you can try out the intergalactic content for yourself.

“We really enjoyed working with the Igloo team, they were super easy to work with, very flexible, and very hardworking. We’ll definitely think of them in the future for our other clients.”

Sara Columbus
Account Manager, Hirschfeld Marketing Solutions

“The tour was definitely a home run in terms of achieving our objectives. It really did the job in giving the brand exposure, with the visitors talking about the experience.”

Nathan Williams
Account Manager, Hirschfeld Marketing Solutions