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Client:  Under Armour

Product:  12 metre dome

Location:  Northwestern University, Chicago

Assignment:  UA ColdGear Experience

Date:  2018

One of the real privileges of being Igloo is that we get to work with so many of the world’s most iconic brands. And, in 2018, we helped Under Armour to mark the 20th anniversary of its ColdGear range of apparel.

The BIG idea was to create an Ice Gym, an immersive fitness environment where visitors could experience how great ColdGear is for training in cold environments.  So what better way to bring the idea to life than in a 12-metre Igloo?

We were approached by our friends at the RED agency to work on the assignment, alongside IMG Live and Dick’s Sporting Goods. The training circuit inside the freezing gym included ice kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells, ice bench presses, an ice slider, and more.  And, in terms of immersive content, the team made innovative use of the Igloo system - for example, interactive 360° body heat maps were projected around the Igloo to show how effectively ColdGear maintains body temperatures.

To get a more of a feel for the event, take a look at this article from Marketing Communications News.