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Client:  Asahi UK

Product:  Two 6 metre cylinders

Location:  London  

Assignment:  Asahi & Peroni brand plans

Date:  2017

Over the years, we have worked with many drinks companies, who use Igloo Shared VR to really immerse their audience in a brand and its values.

To brief the off-sales sector, Asahi UK took a particularly interesting approach.

They had previously used VR headsets but were keen to get more interaction. So they turned to Shared VR and used two Igloo cylinders side-by-side to outline plans for the Asahi and Peroni brands. As you can see from the video, they got a whole new level of engagement.

“It’s a really immersive way to engage our brand plans. Unlike a normal VR headset, which can be quite closed, we can watch their reaction and gauge what they’re thinking. That can really help us to shape conversations.”

Alice Hall, Brand Manager, Peroni

Asahi / Peroni, October 2017