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Black Euphoria & Bachibouzouk






7-metre cylinder

Black Euphoria & Bachibouzouk : Le Cube

Black Euphoria and Bachibouzouk are two French arts companies that had collaborated on various 360° and VR projects. They loved the medium but were looking for a more collaborative experience - and they found Igloo.

Once they had selected and commissioned their 7-metre cylinder, they came to visit us at Igloo HQ for a training session on how to build the Igloo, and operate the Igloo Media Player. And, almost immediately, they re-christened it Le Cube and began delivering events across France.

In some ways, they are now a competitor. As well as participating in arts festivals, they are hiring Le Cube out to their own clients. As they say in their publicity literature: “Le Cube offers the audience a completely fresh approach to virtual reality. The experience has evolved from a totally isolated one conditioned by having to wear a headset, to a collective one. Le Cube becomes a space for interaction and discussion. It enables users to act together on the film and turn it into a unique adventure each time.”