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Client:  Cargill

Product:  6 metre cylinder

Location:  Toronto

Assignment:  McDonald’s Canada Convention

Date:  2017

Cargill used Shared VR to show McDonald’s franchisees that its beef products are sourced sustainably, from farms where cattle are free to roam.

McDonald’s Canada has a commitment to sustainable sourcing.  100% of its beef is sourced locally from Canada, and the company has worked with its suppliers to adopt many sustainable practices.

As one of its major suppliers, Cargill partnered with McDonald’s on a major study that tracked nearly 9,000 head of cattle from birth to beef.  To demonstrate the results, and emphasise that Canadian cattle are free to roam, Cargill enlisted an Igloo Shared VR cylinder.

Some incredible 360° content was created by the branding, marketing and advertising agency Sullivan Higdon & Sink.  And the installation appeared at the McDonald’s Canada Convention, where the message was put across to more than 2,500 franchisees.