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Cornerstone Partnership


London, UK




6-metre dome

Cornerstone Partnership : Foster Carer and Adoption Recruitment

The Cornerstone Partnership, a social enterprise that seeks to improve the life chances of children in care, is one of several NGOs using Igloo Shared VR to engage audiences with highly emotive content.

As part of its drive to recruit more foster carers, Cornerstone enlisted a 6-metre Igloo at an event in London's City Hall. The aim was to help people understand how trauma and abuse can affect a child's development.

By using both VR headsets and Igloo Shared VR, guests were better able to empathise with traumatised children, and got a visceral understanding of the role of good parenting. The content was created by VR and 360° specialists VISYON.

In November 2019, we worked once again with Cornerstone and Anster at the National Children and Adult Services Conference in Bournemouth. Once more our 6-metre dome was the venue for virtual reality sessions to demonstrate how Cornerstone and Antser are harnessing new technology to address some of the biggest and most complex challenges in social care.

“One of the key benefits you get from a dome is the physical immersion into what is already a very emotive story. That doubling-up of emotions brings a real sense of believing.”

Pere Perez

"For us, it's completely transforming the way in which we do business, and we think, if we get it right, it will transform the ways in which doctors, carers and social workers go about their roles."

Helen Costa
Founder & CEO, The Cornerstone Partnership