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Client:  Gemini

Product:  12.5  metre dome

Location:  Eemshaven, Netherlands

Assignment:  Mega wind farm launch

Date:  2016

Gemini wanted to give guests a guided tour of its new mega wind farm. But it wasn’t possible to take them 85km offshore into the North Sea. Instead, Gemini commissioned an Igloo 12.5 metre dome to take them on a virtual journey.

The mega wind farm, one of the largest in the world, adds 600MW to Europe’s renewable energy production capacity - enough to meet the needs of 1.5m consumers for the next 15 years.

To mark the successful completion and commissioning, Gemini was keen to give stakeholders a sense of the wind farm’s vast scale. So it produced a 360° film of the 68 square kilometre-facility, and hired-in an Igloo as the focal point of its launch event.