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6-metre cylinder

Media10 : Ideal Home Show

The Ideal Home Show is truly a British institution, spanning over a century as the UK’s best-loved home interest event.

For its 111th year, the Ideal Home Show introduced a 360° Home Theatre - using Igloo's 6-metre cylinder with a floral facelift!

We worked with show organisers, Media10, to create the ideal setting for a VR Show Home Tour. The 6-metre Igloo was the perfect tool to demonstrate the ways that house hunting could evolve in the future.

As Amy Turner, Show Coordinator, puts it: “we believe that instead of driving miles in search of the perfect next home, you’ll be able to drop in at your local estate agent’s office and take a virtual tour of up to 20 homes in an hour from the comfort of a viewing suite, and narrow down the choice saving time, effort and money.”

Who knows, you could see an Igloo in your local estate agent’s office soon...