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The product

To this end, in 2019, Knox Grammar School opened the ‘iHub’ on its Senior School campus. It’s a space available to teachers, classes and students during and beyond timetabled lessons, so they can make maximum use of it (for example, in the Computer Club and Robotics Club).

This innovative space has been kitted out with a whole range of engaging technology tools, including a full suite of robots, a dedicated Video Conference Zoom room, a green screen studio, and, as its centrepiece, a 6-metre Igloo Shared VR cylinder which has become the iHub’s Immersive Learning Space.

The result

The Immersive Learning Space provides an environment for experiential teaching and learning, and a way for students and teachers to engage as a group with virtual reality content. Equipped with Epson short-throw projectors and eye-catching custom covers, the Immersive Learning Space is a true showpiece for the iHub. And it has created the perfect playground for students to let their imaginations run free.


“Teachers can create their own 360-degree video content, access it from YouTube VR or setup the Immersive Learning Space where traditional 2D content is presented and viewed on up to five Epson projectors. Teachers can also access Google Maps for a student field trip to anywhere in the world. It is a truly unique learning environment where Epson’s excellent projectors play a hugely important role.”

Mark Kelly, 
ICT Integrator, Knox Grammar School