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Client:  Médecins Sans Frontières

Product: 9-metre dome

Location:  US multi-city tour

Assignment:  Forced From Home

Date:  2016-2017

VR is often described as ‘the empathy machine’, which is why NGOs are investing in the technology.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is one such organisation, that’s had great success with its Forced From Home initiative, an interactive exhibition that exposes the realities of the global refugee crisis.

The free, travelling exhibition gives visitors a deeper understanding of the challenges facing people forced to flee for their safety. This immersive experience includes virtual reality and 360° videos produced by MSF. Upon arrival, visitors enter a 9-metre Igloo dome where they are surrounded by video footage of displaced people struggling to find safety in various contexts: in Greece, Iraq, Lebanon, Mexico, South Sudan, and Tanzania.

Because MSF was planning a long city-by-city, US-wide tour, it decided to buy its own Igloo dome, and our US team provided training on how to build it and operate the Igloo media player.  As well as attracting a large audience to the exhibitions, the initiative generated plenty of positive media coverage, including a great piece in Fast Company.