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Meat & Livestock Australia


Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia




6-metre cylinder

Meat & Livestock Australia: Red Meat 2019

Meat & Livestock Australia was hosting Red Meat 2019, a flagship event for Australia’s red meat industry. Taking place in Tamworth, New South Wales, the event was to showcase the very best of Australian cattle, sheep and goat farming.

MLA had heard many concerns from the community around red meat. Is it produced in an environmentally sustainable way? Are animals treated well? What it needed was to reassure stakeholders about how red meat is produced in an environmentally-friendly, humane, and sustainable way.

The Red Meat event was an opportunity to showcase the very latest research and innovation in the red meat industry. And, to get its message across in an engaging way, MLA produced videos using 360° cameras, featuring farmers talking directly to the community about what they do and why they do it.

MLA had previously used VR headsets before to some success, but felt they left
people on their own. An Igloo Shared VR cylinder was the ideal solution.

MLA used Shared VR to be open and transparent and show what happens on-farm when red meat is produced. The videos focused on sustainability, caring for the environment and how animals were well looked after in paddocks-based systems. They were very well-received by visitors, with the farmers’ stories coming across as natural and authentic.

Out of 700 attendees at Red Meat, around 500 people came through the Igloo cylinder. They could easily select videos from an iPad to view, and most people chose to watch at least one video.