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Museum of Sex


New York City, NY, USA




Two custom installations

Museum of Sex : Super Funland

Back in 2014, the New York Museum of Sex (or MoSex for short) launched its first iteration of Super Funland: Pleasures and Perils of the Erotic Fairground.

For 2019, MoSex revamped the experience into Super Funland: Journey into the Erotic Carnival - an exploration of the sexual history of the carnival, from its bacchanalian origins in ancient Greece and Rome, to its evolution in pre-industrial Europe, to the great World’s Fairs of the 20th century.

Igloo was enlisted to help create the ultimate immersive experience, blurring the lines between exhibition and attraction. It’s a far cry from our work in industries like construction, engineering, or utilities - but it was a challenge we threw ourselves into, creating two unique systems for the exhibit.

The first is an immersive 4D experience that forms part of the ‘Tunnel of Love’. Combining mind-bending content from artist Bart Hess with 4D chairs from MediaMation, visitors are sent on a journey to the very centre of eroticism.

The other is a specially designed U-shaped screen that forms a cosy auditorium. Here visitors are immersed in content created for the exhibition by Studio NYC, which illustrates the carnival’s origins.

The grand opening took place on 17 October 2019. And if it’s something that takes your fancy, you can get tickets here.