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Plymouth University


Plymouth & Weymouth, UK


2010 & 2012


21-metre dome

Plymouth University : ICCI 360 Festival

Innovation for the Creative and Cultural Industries (ICCI) is an initiative which builds on Plymouth University’s expertise in creative and cultural education, research and practice.

In 2010, it enlisted a 21-metre Igloo and full production crew to run a week-long ICCI 360 Festival, which took place in Plymouth city centre and showcased a programme of 360° events – including film, animation, photography and live music.

Then, in 2012 a second ICCI 360 Festival was selected for Cultural Olympiad in Weymouth, and Igloo once again played a pivotal role.

Igloo Control
Used for controlling most aspects of the Igloo system, like triggering content, controlling playback and switching between content types

Igloo Remote
An application that controls the Igloo wirelessly over a dedicated Wi-Fi network. Easily control different functions from tabs across the top of the app.

Igloo Warper
Back-end software that seamlessly blends all content from the multiple projectors in the Igloo. Corrects geometry and colour for an immersive experience.