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12.5-metre dome

SIG : Capital Markets Day

SIG is a leading systems and solutions provider for aseptic packaging. Everyday, it meets the needs of millions of people across the world, and works with its customers to deliver products in a safe, sustainable and affordable way.

In November 2019, the company was hosting a Capital Markets Day. It wanted to give an update to its investors and analysts, putting a particular focus on its innovation ethos. And it began looking for a compelling new way to deliver the message - and make it stick.

Looking around for inspiration, SIG came across Igloo’s case studies. And, from here, the company hatched a plan to use one of our 12.5-metre Igloo domes.

As well as using innovative technology to tell its story, SIG wanted to take the audience by surprise. So the dome was concealed until the last moment. And, to get inside, the audience walked through a tunnel, leading them into the Shared VR experience.

Our good friends at M7 Virtual worked on the content. An opening 360° film set the overall scene. Then a series of background films was used to contextualise each topic and bring SIG’s financial and performance data to life. For example, for the sustainability report, a 360° video of a forest immersed the audience in the topic and got them in the right frame of mind.

The event was a great success. SIG was successfully positioned as an innovative, forward-thinking company, and the audience was clearly impressed by the event. For example, many of the investors whipped-out their smartphones to film the experience, and several of them followed-up by email to compliment SIG on the event.

“The Igloo team was very engaged and delivered a perfect experience. Shared VR was a great way to emotionalise certain topics and figures that otherwise could be a bit dry.”

Sandra Hallaschka
Senior Communication Manager, SIG