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Osterley Campus, London, UK




6-metre cylinder

Sky : Ocean Rescue

Launched in February 2017, Sky Ocean Rescue is a hugely successful campaign which aims to help protect our oceans by eliminating the use of single-use plastic packaging.

To raise awareness of the campaign among its employees and mark the successes of its first year, a prominent Sky Ocean Rescue exhibition space was created throughout the entrance to the company’s main campus - and an Igloo cylinder was used to host a 360° experience.

An incredible 360° film, shot in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, helped to show exactly how much plastic is washed up and the impact it has on the islands’ ecosystems.

“When you show your film in a headset it’s amazing, but it’s a lonely experience. With Igloo, you’ve all been there together, you’ve got the message together, and you can discuss it together.”

William Samaha
VR Creative, Sky

Igloo Control
Used for controlling most aspects of the Igloo system, like triggering content, controlling playback and switching between content types

Igloo Remote
An application that controls the Igloo wirelessly over a dedicated Wi-Fi network. Easily control different functions from tabs across the top of the app.

Igloo Warper
Back-end software that seamlessly blends all content from the multiple projectors in the Igloo. Corrects geometry and colour for an immersive experience.