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Osterley Campus, London, UK




6-metre cylinder

Sky : Ocean Rescue

Launched in February 2017, Sky Ocean Rescue is a hugely successful campaign which aims to help protect our oceans by eliminating the use of single-use plastic packaging.

To raise awareness of the campaign among its employees and mark the successes of its first year, a prominent Sky Ocean Rescue exhibition space was created throughout the entrance to the company’s main campus - and an Igloo cylinder was used to host a 360° experience.

An incredible 360° film, shot in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, helped to show exactly how much plastic is washed up and the impact it has on the islands’ ecosystems.

“When you show your film in a headset it’s amazing, but it’s a lonely experience. With Igloo, you’ve all been there together, you’ve got the message together, and you can discuss it together.”

William Samaha
VR Creative, Sky