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The product

In 2022, Urban Visions installed an open-fronted 270° Igloo cylinder in its dedicated marketing suite for The Net. The system includes four Epson projectors with ultra-short-throw snorkel lenses meaning the main body of each projector can be hidden in the ceiling of the cylinder. The 7,000 lumen projectors give a punchy high-resolution display from any vantagepoint.  

Urban Visions and its leasing team JLLhave developed a range of immersive content to display in the Igloo. This includes a series of photorealistic 360° renderings which showcase the Net’s interior architecture and a promotional video portraying the vision of The Net’s developers 

Presentations inside the cylinder make use of the wider features and flexibility of Igloo’s software suite to display a range of other content types including presentations, websites and Google Earth. 

All of this is powered by an Igloo IMPII media server, the ideal AV solution for handling VR content, video and enterprise applications.  

The result

Urban Visions and JLL are making innovative use of the Igloo to engage stakeholders and prospective tenants. 

  • The marketing suite has hosted several events to promote The Net. Groups of typically 25-30 people have been invited for leasing open houses or even to watch local sporting events in the Igloo.  
  • At these events, groups of 5-6 guests are invited into the Igloo at a time where they can visualise the building through immersive renderings, view floorplans and find out more about the vision behind The Net through the leasing teams presentations 
  • The space is also used to host more focused meetings, where prospective tenants are invited into the Igloo to explore The Net in greater depth, discuss leasing options and which areas of the building and interior fitout might best fit their business use case.  
  • The Igloo has been used to host meetings with real estate committee groups and other wider stakeholders. 

Going forward

Urban Visions has plans to continue using the Igloo deeper into the building lifecycle.  

Once The Net has been leased, there will be a further construction phase where Urban Visions will use the Igloo to work with tenants to design and implement their specific requirements. 

When construction of the building is complete, Urban Visions intends to relocate the Igloo to a dedicated amenity area inside The Net, where tenants will be free to use the Igloo for their own immersive presentations.  


The marketing suite is a 3,000sqft space with the Igloo front and center, and people are always intrigued to see what the building will look like through the Igloo.

The open-fronted cylinder was a great choice in terms of inclusivity and our company is really happy with the product.