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Custom open-front cylinder

Vodafone : Future Ready Store

As consumers’ shopping habits change, with ever-more of them spending online rather than on high streets or in shopping centres, you need something special to bring them in. And Vodafone’s first Future Ready store, implemented by The PLB Group and launched in September 2020 in Athens, does just that.

The flagship store offers visitors the chance to experience state-of-the-art technology as well as an in-store team to help customers and non-customers alike get to grips with the latest tech. And it’s a potential template for future Vodafone store across Europe.

The PLB Group worked with us at Igloo to create a unique immersive installation that integrates the digital and the physical. A custom curved screen, with three ultra-short-throw Epson projectors, shows immersive content that can be refreshed periodically to give customers more reasons to keep coming back. Key to the store is the idea that customers can begin their Vodafone experience online, and then continue it in the physical store.

This particular Igloo installation is notable as one of the first to be completed amidst the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. We worked incredibly closely with The PLB Group to deliver an ambitious experience store safely in adverse conditions. And as shopping habits continue to evolve, spurred on by the pandemic, this Future Ready store will be well-placed to weather those changes.

You can check out press coverage of the store opening here (if your Greek is up to it)!