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The full range of Igloo domes

From the cosy to the cavernous, we offer a full range of projection domes.

Whichever option you choose, you get huge, immersive screens with wraparound sound and vision –
to immerse you in the action and stimulate the senses from every direction.


The 6-metre dome

Compact & mobile

The 6-metre dome is a compact, all-weather mobile solution. Its size makes it very flexible yet structurally robust. Ideal for single-user and small-group training, as well as exhibitions and road-shows.

Structure dimensions: 6m x 6m (19' 8 1/4" x 19' 8 1/4")
Height: 3.105m (10’ 2 1/4”)
Floor surface area: 25.51m² (275ft2)
Screen dimensions: 18.8m x 2.2m (61’ 8” x 7’ 2 1/2”)
Sitting capacity: 1-10
Standing capacity: 1-12
Build time: 1 day

Used by clients like Adidas, The Fire Service College, Schneider Electric, Capita, ICRC, CH2MHill, BP, NATS and npower.

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The 9-metre dome

Higher capacity, great mobility

The 9-metre dome has a large capacity, yet it’s still quite mobile. Reaching right down to the floor, the screens are extremely immersive, making it ideal for individual or team simulation exercises and experiential marketing programmes. Some clients have also used it as an annex to a larger dome – creating a complete Igloo-plex.

Structure dimensions: 9.4m x 10m (30' 10” x 32' 9 3/4")
Height: 4.02m (13’ 2 1/4”)
Floor surface area: 70.98m² (764ft2)
Screen dimensions: 26.69m x 3m (87' 6 3/4" x 9' 10 1/8")
Sitting capacity: 1-40
Standing capacity: 1-45
Build time: 2 days

Used by clients like Martini, QinetiQ, Colgate-Palmolive, BBC, Nissan, Yorkshire Water, and the Ministry of Defence.

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The 12.5-metre dome

An astounding 360° projection experience

The 12.5-metre dome offers an astounding 360° projection experience for up to 110 people. It can also accommodate vehicles and other installations, which makes it perfect for sophisticated simulation exercises or product launches.

Structure dimensions: 12m x 13m (39' 4 1/2" x 42' 7 3/4")
Height: 5.25m (17' 2 3/4")
Floor surface area: 126.72m² (1356ft2)
Screen dimensions: 35m x 3.3m (114' 10" x 10' 10")
Sitting capacity: 1-85
Standing capacity: 1-110
Build time: 2-3 days

Used by clients like Exxon Mobil, Historic Royal Palaces, Snow Bombing, Smirnoff, SKY, BASF, and Nissan.

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The 21-metre dome

A cavernous immersive space

The 21-metre dome is a cavernous immersive space that can accommodate anything up to 550 people. It’s great for large-scale simulations, as well as immersive events and corporate hospitality happenings.

Structure dimensions: 24.24m x 24.9m (79' 6 1/2" x 81' 9")
Height: 10.857m (35' 7 1/2')
Floor surface area: 357m² (3848ft²)
Screen dimensions: 488m² (5252ft²)
Sitting capacity: 1-300
Standing capacity: 1-550
Build time: 3-4 days

It’s used by clients like SKY, Telus, Vodafone and ICCI (for the 2012 Olympics) – and you may well have seen it on the global festival circuit at events like The Big Chill, Exit, Feest in Het Park and Primavera.

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