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Igloo Cast captures your desktop or laptop screen and automatically shares it to the Igloo from your device. Your entire screen is mirrored onto a window that becomes part of the 360° canvas.

Ideal shortcut for immersive workspaces

  • Quickly share your computer screen during meetings and collaborative sessions inside your Igloo workspace.
  • Make quick changes on G Suite, Office 365, Adobe files in a shared environment. 
  • Let remote colleagues see what’s happening across a video feed.

Enjoy non-360° content 

  • Mirror non-360° films or video games for entertainment and downtime. 
  • Take advantage of high-quality display technology and surround sound.

Demonstrate the Igloo software

  • Train your colleagues and employees as part of a group.
  • Show them how to use Igloo Warper, Capture without having to stand around a terminal.
  • Show them in real-time how Igloo software controls your Shared VR system.

Desk image with a computer and multiple monitors

meeting photo

woman standing outside an immersive dome


Take advantage of the ease in loading content and apps. Your less technically-savvy academics can mirror their screen onto the Igloo screen in a matter of moments.


Bring up Office 365 or GSuite and collaborative documents in your immersive workspace. Keep your computer screen mirrored for your team to all be able to readily direct the Igloo system.


Bring up an internet browser as part of your vast 360° screen to track social media and hashtags so participants can share their immersive experiences for others to see. 

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